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Smartfruit™ Harvest Greens is a groundbreaking “being healthy never tasted so good” kinda product! Detox your body with this 100% fruit and veggies blend. We’ve packed every bottle with dark green leafy powerhouses like Kale and Spinach. Then we coupled the greens with Apples, Kiwis, Pineapples, Bananas and Lemongrass for a vibrant interplay of dueling sweet and tart flavors.

Lastly, we boosted this lovely medley with Spirulina, a superfood heavyweight that acts as a powerful detoxifier rich in chlorophyll, protein, vitamins and fatty acids. Add H2O or ice to harness the harvest of Smartfruit™ Harvest Greens in a refreshing all natural juice or smoothie.

  • Ingredients
    • lemongrass 1 cup Lemongrass
    • spinach 1/4 cup Spinach
    • kiwi 2 Kiwis
    • apples 6 Apples
    • cucumber 1/2 Cucumber
    • kale 1/2 cup Kale
    • bananas 1 Banana


  • Directions

    For a refreshing & nutritious beverage, mix 1 part Smartfruit with 4-5 parts water


    1. Pour 4 oz into blender
    2. Add 3 oz water or milk*
    3. Blend with 16 oz cup of ice & enjoy!

    *use 4 oz to reduce sweetness

    Use Smartfruit as a garnish, or to enrich your favorite desserts and frozen treats

  • Nutritional Information
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59 reviews

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  1. Don't judge smartfruit by its color!

    Michele Mae Waser
    Michele Mae Waser

    Fran, was amazing. I’m usually very hesitant at trying new things because I have a severe milk allergy. She assured me that not only is the product safe but the making process was not cross contaminated either. The product is vegan. I’m completely overjoyed by this, and to top it off it taste amazing. I was hesitant about the color but in the end it was my favorite of all the flavors. Cant wait to make smoothies tonight with it!

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    Alexis Brown
    Verified purchase
    Alexis Brown

    I recently had surgery and my husband’s coworker gave me a bottle to try. It was the best thing ever. Very delicious and easy to make. I have been making a smoothie every morning since he gave me the bottle a week and a half ago. Everyone should buy this product and enjoy it!!!!!!!!

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  3. Ms. V
    Ms. V

    My daughter was dealing with painful bloodclots in her leg. She wouldn’t eat anything because of the pain. I sampled the Harvest Green Smartfruit at a BJ’s and was very impressed. I bought a bottle hoping that my daughter would at least try it. She really liked it and it was the only thing she would drink doing her painful ordeal. Glad to say she is much better now and I will buying more for the both of us.

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  4. Essie
    Verified purchase

    perfect for mornings

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  5. Amazing!


    This tastes great and I feel better drinking it…so happy I purchased this!

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  6. Elizabeth

    I love the taste. It’s not to sweet.

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  7. Michelle

    I absolutely loved this one! I expected this to be a gross green smoothie, but it is sweet and amazing. I could totally get my kids to drink this

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  8. Tastes good but name is misleading

    Tee Bee
    Tee Bee

    Delicious as a smoothie but very sweet. I would expect much more greens in the product according to the name and much less fruit sugars.

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  9. One person found this helpful

    One fateful winter day

    Kanika Brown
    Verified purchase
    Kanika Brown

    One fateful winter day, my husband and I were roaming around a wholesale retailer’s store and came across, what my husband described as a “desperate salesman”. Despite his reservations, he realized that in order to get to the dairy aisle, we had to embark on a journey that led us directly to this vendor. The gentleman quickly locked on to my husband and despite efforts to bury his face in the circular, my husband realized that their eyes had already made contact and that we were forced into listening to his sales pitch. Once done, a look of intrigue came over my husband, but he’s the type to hide such reactions. We continued on with our shopping, not uttering much to each other. On our return back up the aisle, I asked the vendor if I could taste one of his colorful samples of Smartfruit. I was immediately blown away with the anti-oxidant flavor and decided to give the detox flavor a try and let out a sound that could only be compared to Scooby-Doo receiving a Scooby Snack. We immediately purchased a few bottles. Once we were home I made my husband taste it with a promise that if he likes it, he will have to return his overpriced protein powder. Within a couple sips he was sold on the Harvest Green and we have incorporated Smartfruit into our daily routines. The combination of flavors and ease of use make our decision on that cold wintry day well worth it! It’s so good that our toddler enjoys it any chance she can. If only she knew home much greens she was eating. Can’t wait to order more flavors!!

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  10. 2 out of 2 people found this helpful



    I recently bought Smartfruit Detox, while on a rare trip to Walmart. Taste too good to be detox, but I am starting a reduced calorie diet and plan to use it as a fourth meal.

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  11. One person found this helpful

    Love This!!

    Carmen Johnson
    Carmen Johnson

    Omg this tastes so good and it fleshes your system.

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  12. One person found this helpful

    Best flavor and sweetner for smooties


    I bought this at my BJs from a demo. I LOVE IT! I make my breakfast smoothie with it. Take almond milk, avocado and pea protein. Add Smartfruit and ice. Blend. Amazing satisfying smoothie to last me all morning.

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