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Nothing says refreshing quite like a ripe and juicy fresh-cut Watermelon. If only there was some way to bottle up that flavor and experience. Well, we took care of that already. Smartfruit™ Wild Watermelon tastes just like the actual fruit. The sweetness of the flesh, the bite of rind… It’s all there. And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, we threw in some juicy Pitaya (Dragon Fruit) puree with vibrant pink color and dark seeds. Lastly, we infused this delicious and refreshing treat with Coconut Water to hydrate your day with essential electrolytes without compromising the authentic real Watermelon flavor. Contains Seeds.

  • Ingredients
    • watermellon_xsm 2 1/2 Cups Watermelon
    • coconut_green_xs 3 Coconuts
    • dragonfruit_xsm 1 Dragonfruit


  • Directions

    For a refreshing & nutritious beverage, mix 1 part Smartfruit with 4-5 parts water


    1. Pour 4 oz into blender
    2. Add 3 oz water or milk*
    3. Blend with 16 oz cup of ice & enjoy!

    *use 4 oz to reduce sweetness

    Use Smartfruit as a garnish, or to enrich your favorite desserts and frozen treats

  • Nutritional Information
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6 reviews

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  1. Watermelon with seeds

    Rosanne Bo
    Verified purchase
    Rosanne Bo

    I tried a sample of the watermelon awhile ago and loved it, so ordered a bottle. Unfortunately when I tried it it was not like the sample. We called the company and they said it now has dragonseeds and other health benefits, they could not have been nicer and sent a replacement flavor.
    So if you like seeds in your drink and I know many people will great, if not stay away from this flavor.
    PS the peach is amazing!

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    Verified purchase

    Our family absolutely loves the watermelon, strawberry and the greens flavors. I highly recommend these.

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  3. Yummy

    Verified purchase

    Sipping a nice summer watermelon smoothie. This the drink for you. Refreshing. There are seeds but it’s not huge at all, that will make you choke. Tiny seeds. Tastes oh so good

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  4. Barbara Fleming
    Verified purchase
    Barbara Fleming

    We love it,

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  5. I like the watermelon is good for me


    It good for me I like it watermelon

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  6. One person found this helpful

    Wonderful Surprise

    Koren Spaulding
    Koren Spaulding

    Tried the Wild Watermelon plus Electrolytes one day while mowing the lawn. I tried it out of desperation due to a 12 ounce bottle of water wasn’t helping… panting, hot, weak, you name it. I didn’t want to take an hour break before finishing up the yard, so I drank 8 ounces thinking it wouldn’t help. To my surprise, within 10 minutes, all the symptoms were gone. Instead of taking out a bottle of water to finish the back yard, I put 12 ounces of Wild Watermelon into a thermos & finish the yard without any problems. This made a strong believer out of me. Great tasting, healthy, and not all the added sugar that other non-healthy products offer.

    I’m one who doesn’t believe in all the hype over products because 9 out of 10 times, its just hype. This is NOT the case. We have purchased all the flavors except the pineapple due to it just coming out. We have liked every flavor except for the detox because we can only taste the vegetable we don’t like. However, when mixed with another flavor (1 to 4), you can’t taste the detox or as much. The detox is actually quite tasty if it’s partially frozen (put in an 8 ounce bottle & place in the freezer for 45-60 minutes to form ice crystals.

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