Peanut Butter Cup Martini

Oh yeah babe, that’s a peanut butter cup martini!  A cocktail with Smartfruit peanut butter, chocolate and vodka/rum. Take that Reese’s.

Strawberry Basil Lemonade

Grab some lemonade, Smartfruit strawberry and a handful of fresh basil and let’s make some cocktails or mocktails (cocktails without the Gin)!

Sunny Acai Bowl

Use Smartfruit Sunny Banana to brighten up this Acai energizing Bowl and kick off your day!

Dragon Fruit Bowl

This treat will awaken the beast! Simply combine dragon fruit, SmartFruit Mellow Mango™, and fresh ingredients, then enjoy.

PB Omega Acai Bowl

We bring the protein to this party with our SmartFruit Peanut Butter Omega™ which is packed with Omega-3 ALA naturally…

Harvest Reds Acai Bowl

Tap into the power of the earth with this delicious Acai Bowl Recipe boosted with SmartFruit Harvest Reds.

Harvest Greens Acai Bowl

We sow and you reap the power of the harvest greens. This boosted acai bowl has enough energizing and detoxifying power to keep you going.

Heavenly Cup

Taste the sublime bliss you get when you mix SmartFruit with fresh fruits and yogurt!

Wholesome Cup

Creamy yogurt, topped with natural raw ingredients and flavored with Smartfruit Sunny Banana™ is as wholesome as a mother’s love. Enjoy!!!