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It’s absolutely amazing how much of nature’s power is contained in fruits. It’s even more amazing that we managed to capture all that power and flavor in one bottle of Smartfruit™. Made with only the finest ingredients, Superfruit All-Stars contains Pomegranates, Blueberries, Acai, and Goji Berries. It’s the veritable Olympic dream team of super foods containing flavonoids, polyphenols, and antioxidants.

Finally, we powered this team up with Guarana extract, a natural stimulant that can also help with inflammation and blood pressure. So mix it with water or blend it with ice for a real All-Star beverage.

  • Directions

    For a refreshing & nutritious beverage, mix 1 part Smartfruit with 4-5 parts water


    1. Pour 4 oz into blender
    2. Add 3 oz water or milk*
    3. Blend with 16 oz cup of ice & enjoy!

    *use 4 oz to reduce sweetness

    Use Smartfruit as a garnish, or to enrich your favorite desserts and frozen treats

  • Each Bottle Contains
    • blueberries 105 Blueberries
    • acai_xsm 320 Acai Berries
    • pomegranate_xsm 1 Pomegranates
    • goji_xsm 35 Goji Berries


  • Nutritional Information
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  1. Amazing


    I never heard of this company before but I thought let me give it a try. So I got 2 bottles and it’s the best smoothie I’ve ever had. It’s incredibly tasty and it takes very little time to make. I can’t wait to try all the flavors!!!!

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  2. best drink of the day

    Saundra A Robinson
    Saundra A Robinson

    so easy to fix-add 12 ounces of water to your drink bottle, 3 ounces of any of these drinks and it is the best and tastiest way to get your daily fruit servings – you want a smoothie instead, then add ice and/or yogurt -the best!

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  3. Dad loves it!

    Deb Wagner
    Deb Wagner

    We were buying smoothies in a local convenience store to help my 96 year old dad get extra calories as well as fruits that pack a punch. We add cran/pomegranate juice, cream, half a banana, and half a low sugar Greek yogurt. He has been drinking two a day in addition to his meals. We are hoping this will help him maintain his weight.❤️

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  4. Amazing


    I enjoy this product and the health benefit

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  5. One person found this helpful

    Kids LOVE them!

    Michelle Gregorek
    Michelle Gregorek

    Bought while on a trip in NY, came back home and make smoothies almost every night!!! Tastes great, healthy, easy & a little goes a long way!!!!

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  6. One person found this helpful
    Steve Bartolotta
    Steve Bartolotta

    Very delicious gives a nice boost of energy.

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  7. Healthy Options

    Kim Evancho
    Kim Evancho

    Healthy product that even my kids enjoy for a great price. Two thumbs up!!!!

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  8. My favorite

    Mans Garcia Olsson
    Mans Garcia Olsson

    I’ve ordered some samples before and I loved it so much that I just had to get the big bottles for my daily use at home. This flavor is both mine and my whole family’s absolute favorite! I love that I can use it both for smoothies, juices and protein drinks! Truly amazing.

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    Smartfruit™ is an all natural 100% real fruit puree. Blend Smartfruit™ with ice to make a smoothie, mix it with water to make juice, top it on treats, shake it to make a cocktail, stir it, pour it, love it!

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